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Showcasing Certain Talents

Lately, I've been attending Western Nevada College here in Carson City, working on obtaining a degree in Graphic Communications. Part of my studies include maintaining a blog for my Photoshop class, where I post certain assignments. You can find it at gccdave.blogspot.com I've also been making a concerted effort to find employment in the area of web design/development. As such, it's occurred to me that I should make a greater effort to showcase the skills I have in web development, so let's take a look at a few of them, shall we?

First off, is my role as lead developer with the Program O project. I've been working on this project for nearly 7 years now, becoming lead developer in February of 2012. the official website is located at http://www.program-o.com, and the project's GitHub page is at https://github.com/Program-O/Program-O.

I'm also the creator of a PHP CAPTCHA script that I call CAPTCHA4us. The script takes a different approach to "human verification", in that instead of mangling letters and numbers and forcing you to guess what they are, you're asked a simple question that nearly any grade-school child could answer, right on the image. The answer is a single word description of the item shown, relating to shape, color, gender or the number of things seen. Here's an example:

(click on the image to see it change).

I've also created a script for forum signature images that works in a similar fashion. I used to play the online video game Final Fantasy XI, and was active in the forums for the linkshell that I belonged to, and I was tired of the usual, boring signature images that I was always seeing, so I wrote a script that created dynamic images, based on my character, and several other members. Here are a couple of them:

(again, click on the images to see them change)

I've also taken my interest in astronomy and used it with my web development skills to create a "Virtual Telescope". This page uses the Google Earth plugin to display sections of the night sky (though a limitation with Google Earth doesn't allow viewing objects within the solar system). It also features the ability to search NASA's APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) image database to display images of many astronomical objects. this works well with the planets, ISS, and even sunspots and solar flares. The page also tracks previous searches, and can display them, either as images, or coordinates on the starfield. NOTE: Sadly, Google has stopped supporting the Google Earth plugin, so while the page is still available, it no longer works. I'm working toward finding an alternate solution, possibly using HTML5 canvas, but I still need to be able to connect to some sort of ephemeris database, and that's where the bottleneck is.

Finally, there's pChat; a multi-room chat app that I originally wrote back in 2002, when I was first learning PHP/MySQL. pChat has taken several different forms over the years, from a multi-frame HTML page, to an AJAX driven app. The most recent version (which is still in development) uses the jQuery JavaScript framework, making it the smallest, most efficient version to date. It's packed with features, including use of BBCode markup, custom colors, private chats (closets), as well as admin-only tools like /kick and /ban.

I hope you've enjoyed this presentation of my skills. Please feel free to check out some of my other pages here on the site that cover other aspects of my interests, such as creative writing and graphics. If you have any questions or comments, please use my Contact Page to send me a message. Thanks, and have a great day! :)