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Our Christmas Village

Every year since the early 90's, our family has made a "Christmas Village" to display in our home. It started out rather small, with just a single tiny house, and some timy figurines. Over the years, however, it has grown, and now encompasses the vast majority of the space in our living room.

This year, we decided to "go green", and install LED lighting in all of the buildings that didn't have self-contained lighting already (e.g. the fiber-optic buildings).

This year's page is more along the lines of a description of the conversion process than one of the setup of the table itself, though that part can also be seen. Please enjoy the journey.

Welcome to the Morton Family Christmas Village page for 2010. Placing your mouse over the banner of thumbnail images below loads that image into the larger preview image, to the left. Clicking on the either the preview image or the thumbnail opens a new window, to show the image at full size.
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  • XmasVillage010.jpg
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  • XmasVillage014.jpg
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  • XmasVillage016.jpg
  • XmasVillage017.jpg
  • XmasVillage018.jpg
  • XmasVillage019.jpg
  • XmasVillage020.jpg
  • XmasVillage021.jpg
  • XmasVillage022.jpg
  • XmasVillage023.jpg
  • XmasVillage024.jpg
  • XmasVillage025.jpg
  • XmasVillage026.jpg
  • XmasVillage028.jpg
  • XmasVillage029.jpg
  • XmasVillage030.jpg
  • XmasVillage031.jpg
  • XmasVillage032.jpg
  • XmasVillage034.jpg
  • XmasVillage035.jpg
  • XmasVillage036.jpg
  • XmasVillage037.jpg
  • XmasVillage038.jpg
  • XmasVillage039.jpg
  • XmasVillage040.jpg
  • XmasVillage041.jpg
  • XmasVillage042.jpg
  • XmasVillage043.jpg
  • XmasVillage044.jpg
  • XmasVillage045.jpg
  • XmasVillage046.jpg
  • XmasVillage047.jpg
  • XmasVillage048.jpg
  • XmasVillage049.jpg
  • XmasVillage050.jpg
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