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Every year for the past fifteen or more, our family has made a "Christmas Village" to display in our home. It started out rather small, with just a few houses, and some timy figurines. Over the years, however, it has grown, and now encompasses the vast majority of the space in our "Blue Room". The village today consists of a sectioned table that measures 10 feet wide and 15 feet long, holds over 50 buildings, nearly 100 tiny figurines, and has two operating trains, with over 50 feet of track. All but a very few of the buildings are lighted, with some being either electronic or fiber-optic, and the village has a large fiberglass mountain in one corner, with a working waterfall and lake.

This page is dedicated to chronicling the construction process of this year's village, from (almost) start to finish. Each of the images here tell a story, but I've thrown in a few of my own, as well, with some of them.

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