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David Jeremiah Morton

In Memorium

Sometime in the early morning of August the 12th, 2008, my Dad Passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had suffered multiple strokes in the previous months, and now no longer suffers from this debilitating condition. I and my entire family share the firm belief that he is now in the arms of God, laughing and enjoying the fellowship of my Grandfather, my Uncle Jerry, and other beloved family members who have preceeded him in death, patiently awaiting the time when we can all be together again in Heaven. What follows are excerpts of portions of the memorial service, in either written or video format, for anyone to share and enjoy. My Dad was a well loved man, and this comes out in the words of his children and friends. We all miss you, Dad. But we'll all see you again.

The Kids
Destiny of Silence in Lost Words By Rick Morton
Memories of Advice From Dad By Rick Morton
Recollections of My Dad By Dave Morton

I'm still gathering much of the information that I want to put here, so check back from time to time, for more to see.