AIML Toolkit

AIML File Validator

This script will check to make sure that your AIML files are not only well formed, but also pass validation, based on the AIML 1.0.1 specification. This prevents some "bugs" from occurring that are actually problems with improperly created AIML files.

The form below provides a couple of options for when you

Simply submit your AIML file, and the script will upload and examine it. If it passes validation, then you'll get a simple notice on the page telling you so. If it fails, you'll get a detailed list of problems that the validator encountered.

Please note that many standard HTML tags (e.g. <b>, <u>, <i> etc.) are not part of the AIML specification, and will therefor fail if encountered. That said, however, Program O will happily accept them, so if your AIML file fails validation for ONLY having HTML tags, you're still ok.