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By Dave Title: Home-Sep-24-2011-9-45-12

Geek Cave Creations - News From the Home Front

After a long period of what can only be deemed laziness on my part, I've finally given the site a full remodeling. I've also "upgraded" the site to both HTML5 and CSS3. So far, everything looks good on all of the major browsers (although IE 8 and lower can't use the CSS3 visual enhancements and IE 7 adds a bit of extra "length" to the bottom of the page), and it all seems to validate. Personally, I like the way it looks now. If you have any feedback about the new look, please use my Contact Page to let me know.

I've also made some good progress with the CAPTCHA4us site. I still need to work out a few things before it can fully take off, but I've got most of the basics done. Hopefully, in the next week or so I'll have it all ready to go.

That's pretty much all for right now. I'm trying to update this page on a more frequent basis, but I'm sure you all know how that goes. :D