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By Dave Morton

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Hi, and welcome to Geek Cave Creations. Please feel free to wander about the place, and experience the many things I've collected here.

Wow! It's a new year, January has come and gone, and I still had my old blog from last Fall up! EEK! Lots of things have happened in that time, but none of them really all that noteworthy. I took a trip back East, to Tennessee to visit some friends and family, back in late September, and got to attend my Niece's wedding. I took a few pictures, had a few laughs, met some new friends, and had a great time. And that's all I have to say about that.

You may or may not already know it, but I've entered my chatbot, Morti, into the 2011 Chatterbox Challenge. This will be his first competition, and (I hope) the first of many. I'm not all that certain how well he'll do, since he's got some REALLY stiff competition, but I'm hopeful, and I'm confident that he'll do well. If you want to help me prepare for the contest, which is in late March, please drop in on Morti, and chat with him for a while. The chat logs generated will help me to see any areas that need work, and will also perhaps give me some ideas for additions to his programming. Any hellp in this area will be humbly and gratefully accepted. :)

As always, if you feel the need to "get hold" of me, please do so. My handy-dandy Contact Page is the best way to do so. And, that said, I wish you all a great day! smile