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Blog: A new, possibly useful, app for your consideration

By Dave

I recently got fed up with my laptop. It's a low-end Toshiba Satellite, and while it works ok for me, it had one tiny little annoyance that's bugged me ever since I got it. It has no drive activity light! Now I know this shouldn't bother me, but it does. Furthermore, my desktop computer DOES have a drive light, right near the power button, on the front of the case; but it's not visible to me unless I'm willing to either get up, or lean precariously over to my left, to the point where falling out of my chair is a very real possibility. SO for all intents and purposes, I may as well consider that the desktop box doesn't have a USABLE drive activity light. thus frustrated and annoyed, I finally decided to do something about it!

Enter Drive Light! Drive Light is a tiny Windows app (77KB in size) that monitors your drive(s) for any read or write activity, and displays a small icon in the taskbar (near the clock) to keep you posted when there's any activity being detected. It's icon is a dark green when all drives are quiet, and a light red if the system is accessing a drive. It handles ALL of your hard drives (even solid state drives), takes up VERY little resources, and almost negligible CPU time (even during a disk defrag, it uses 0% CPU cycles). You'll find it on the downloads page, as DriveLight.zip. there's no installer, but it really doesn't need one. Just copy it to it's own directory (see the readme file for suggestions), create a shortcut for it in a convenient location (again, see the readme file), and you're done! If you like it, please let me know. Thanks! :D