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What do I See?

by Dave Morton

What do I see when I look into your eyes?
I see the awesome power of the sea, as the waves crash into the shore.
I see the majestic grandeur of the great mountains.
I see the innocence of a child.
I see you.

What do I feel when you touch my hand?
I feel the warming rays of the sun as they melt away the cruel, cold snow of winter.
I feel the cool, cleansing caress of the spring wind.
I feel the tender embrace of a lover.
I feel you.

What do I hear when you call my name?
I hear the beautiful chords of a great angelic choir.
I hear the blessed silence of a sleeping babe.
I hear all of creation.
I hear you.

What do I feel when I think of you?
I feel an agony of pleasure, remembered from our last embrace.
I feel as if God has blessed me above all others.
I feel utterly complete.
I feel you.